Emphasise on “Logic” not the “Language”

Source: Stackoverflow

Driving Thought

“Always aim at the driving fundamentals of what you’re trying to achieve.”

by Niranjan Akella

Students/few geeks now a days are overwhelmed by the competitive coding world out there which is piled up with too many languages for various applications, each serving a specific purpose.

I as a student also felt such thrusting resistance of new coding languages and condemned myself many times from taking a leap towards building something beautiful, that would validate to a better value proposition towards solving unique problems. Because I always felt I would have to learn lots of things in a language before I go ahead and implement my logic.

“The Problem Lies Within My Friend…”

We tend to overlook the fact that these languages are just a medium for us to communicate our ideas and thoughts to the system that would render tasks based on our instructions…. right?

Then you tell me, which is more important the Logic or the Language??

print("Hello Medium!")
===================================// Go-Lang
package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
fmt.Println("Hello Medium!")
===================================// Javascript
console.log("Hello Medium!")

All the above three code snippets from different languages would print the same logic i.e.; To print, “Hello Medium!”.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that every language has it’s own arsenal to tackle various applications. But you have to keep in mind that you need to focus more on the logic of implementation and what you exactly want the system to do in order to attain a certain prospect than the language itself.

But, you only have to learn a certain language to leverage it’s flexibility to simplify the logic that you desire to implement. Hence, it is also highly necessary that you familiarise yourself with the required basic syntax of a language up to a level where you are able to read through the documentation and understand its implementation methodology.

“Logic is the soul of any implementation and Language is just a better instrument with new tricks and specifications to implement that wonderful logic.”

by Niranjan Akella

So my sincere suggestion is that, you start with any one language that you’re comfortable with and try to understand how a certain logic is rendered inside the system. In this way you would be comfortable to implement your own logic in other languages and never hesitate to develop a beautiful solution ever again.



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